Ancer Dental Screw Drivers Station

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    Key Features


    1. Product Information

    Product Category: Screw Drivers Station

    Item: Screw Drivers Station (Implant Drivers Station)

    Country of Origin: Taiwan


    2. Specification

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Color: Silver


    3. Features


    1.Coordinated with 8 implants: NOB ITI AST 3i CAM ANK FRI SPI


    2. Easy classification:8 drivers with 8 color code


    2.Surface Treatment:Anodized



    Our product includes:

    “TISS” dental implant system

    “TISS” GBR-S

    “Ancer” anchorage screw

    “Ancer” implant driver station

    “Titan” for Cad / Cam

    Dental hand instrument (For dental technicians)


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